Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24th 2006 Poor Daddy

POOR DADDY Well, We went back to Guatemala on May 18 to be with our little princess. I am now living here in Guatemala to Foster her myself. I could not stand being away from her any longer. They brought her to us around 3pm on the 18th. Patricia brought her daughter Marlin along to say goodbye to Kya. I know they will miss her but they are going to visit her while I am staying down here. Shawn was so busy while he was here. He will have to write about his experience going to the Hiper Piaz...Wal-Mart down here. He got us all stocked up with supplies for a 3 month stay. I have a microwave, 2 refrigerators and lots of snacks. BUT POOR DADDY had to leave his two girls on the 22nd to go back and work. We already miss him and Kya keeps looking for him. We went into Family Court on May 23rd and it went very well. Kya's tummy was a little upset last night; I think it was because she missed her mommy when they picked her up and took her to her Family Court appointment. I LOVE IT HERE. I am so enjoying every Second I get to spend with Kya. I love the People. I love the other Families that are here. I love the Food. As my Grandpa Paige would say "OH Candy Paige Murnans you just love everybody" I am meeting so many wonderful families and should have a friend from every state before I come home. Well, Miss Kya is waking up so I will go for now. I miss all of you and would love for you to come see us in Guatemala if you get a chance! Hugs and Kisses from Kya Blu and Kya Blu's Mommy.............hope you enjoy the new pictures. We miss you Kya's Daddy 11:32 AM

Kya Blu's DNA picture with Josefa

Jana holding Kya Blu and Jenna from our first visit trip back in April 2006
Jenna was so much longer than Kya The Dora Twins

Friends Fovever...bound by the Love of Baby Girls and Adoption....The Garcias and Murnans

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