Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aunt Alica and Kya...Thank God I'm a Country Girl!

These Pictures were taken the day before we left for TEXAS...Hey Aunt LaLa you will get to Hug and Kiss me again REAL SOON!

Chillin in my Jersey and my Hat...OH Aunt Lala you will be missin me soon

Aunt LaLa came to tell me goodbye before we left for Texas

Stick a monkey tail in you mouth and smoke it???

Aunt Lala we are proud of you for working and going to school full time...You Rock!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL...the KC Chiefs VS the Dallas Cowboys...Kya is not sure which team to cheer for

Hey TEXAS...We love you MAN!

Angel Face

Yup Its ture...Aunt LaLa is pretty much in LOVE with ME!!!

Going to my YEE HAW casting call.....what that show was cancled years ago???...I was going to be playing Minnie Pearls Great Granddaughter

Any One Know where Kya is???

YO YO YO whats up? Here I am with BUNNY in Tow

YUP Pretty Much a CUTIE PIE!!!...Shaking my arms dancing to Bird Bird Bird...Bird is the Word

Watch Out Aunt LaLa me and Dora are coming through

Besos to Aunt LaLa

YEE HAW...I am attacking my BOW holder!!!


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: I love these pics! Thank you Mommy Candy for getting them on the blog. Nana was havin withdrawals! I can barely wait til we are all together again. Aunt Lala-I hope to get to see you too! Besos!!

Angel said...

TOO CUTE! She is definately part Texan! :0) Angel

Bekah said...

She could not be any cuter! Really, she just melts my heart. I love her jersey and cowboy hat. Precious!

Krystal said...

Kya Blu is so beautiful! Her smile lights up all of blogland ;)

Sarah said...

LOVE the cowboy hat and the monkey tail pipe!!! Kya and her dimples are too cute for words!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

Home sweet home said...

Wow -- she really does get more beautiful by the day !! Looking foward to hearing from you .....

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lala already misses little miss Kya!!! I need to see that smiling face... I am needing some Kya besos!!!
Love you, see you soon!!

Our Family of 5 said...

I tell ya she gets cuter every time I see her!

Soltana said...

SOOO cute...can you tell me where you got her "didvided" shirts.. Im trying to find some for thekids since the high school here has split and we have to go to the new one... while ALL our friends are stilla t the old one..if you can help that would be great!!!

Hugs from VA

Carrie said...

She is so precious in that cowboy hat. How adorable and happy and full of energy. I can tell! I have one just like that here back East!

Have fun!