Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kya Blu it's all about YOU


You may not be growing in my belly right now but you have been growing in my heart for as long as I can remember. For my twenty ninth Birthday July 12,2005, I received the best gift ever. I started the journey that will result in having you in my arms. I have always known that YOU would come into my life when God knew I was ready. Your Daddy and I have been married for five years now. We feel that we have grown as individuals and as partners during our marriage. We have always been very much in love and have learned to love each other unconditionally in the honeymoon stage of our marriage. We have been able to spend the majority of our time together these last five years. Your Daddy owns his own Company and I have been able to be a stay at home wife. We have been able to travel and experience a lot of new things during this time. We now feel like it it is time for you to join in the wonderful life God has blessed us with. I have dreamed of adopting a baby my whole life. I can hardly wait to see you. I have started your bedroom already and I go in every morning a take a look around, wishing I was picking you up out of your crib. I have also caught your daddy in your room. He goes in and presses the music box on your pack n play. It is so sweet. I pray that you will know how much we love you and longed to have you in our arms. We understand that your birth mother made the greatest sacrifice when she made the choice to let us be your parents. We will always hold her in great regard for the wonderful gift she gave to us. The gift of having a family. Her decision to let us raise you shows her great love for you and that she had your best interest at heart. I just read this out loud to your dad and we are both crying. It is so emotional knowing that you are growing in her belly right now and that she is deciding to make our dream come true. There is no greater gift than a child. We miss you already and thank about you every minute of every day.
We love you so much Mom and Dad

"mommy and daddy in waiting"


Getting Prepared for a Baby
This has been a crazy month! We bought a new home and have been moving in and getting settled. We moved to a great neighborhood in a planned community on a golf course. There are ten miles of walking trails and three play parks for kids. I can't wait to take the baby on walks and to the park to play. Shawn can't wait to buy her golf shoes and baby golf clubs. As soon as we get unpacked we plan to start our paperwork and fill out our application for the agency. I am also going to get started on her room. My mom, her Nana already bought her a John Lennon Baby pack n play. It plays ten classical songs and has a light in it. My Grandma is also on the edge of her seat waiting for us to "get that baby home", its all we can talk about when I am at her house. Her Aunt Alicia and I have tried not to buy out the stores, but it hasn't been easy. We don't know what month she will get to come home so we can't really buy cloths. Now blankets and bibs that's another story. I would like to thank all my friend and family for their help during the move and their support and love as they watch our family grow!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Grandpa James Murnan

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