Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Dream Begins

The Dream Begins
STEP ONE : On July 12 2005, my 29th Birthday we took our first step towards making our International Adoption dream come true. We attended a International Adoption Workshop with an agency here in Tulsa, Dillon International. It was a great learning experience and helped us know what decisions we needed to make next. After the workshop we went to dinner for my Birthday with my Mom and Charlie at Gills. We could hardly wait to get there to share our excitement. This is something I have wanted my whole life.
STEP TWO : The first decision we had to make was which country we wanted to adopt from. My three choices were Guatemala, China, and Columbia. So for the next month I sat with the lap top glued to my legs researching the three countries. I would like to thank Kerby for his help researching Columbia and I would like to thank my Aunt Janet for her help with China. I met a new friend when I went to Affair of the Heart with my Mom. Her name is Kristi and she had a booth there. Come to find out she lives very close to me and has adopted two babies from Guatemala. She brought Sam and Sophi Kate home in April 2005.It has been such a blessing getting to know her and her family. She really helped me understand the Guatemala adoption process. In our hearts we were drawn to Guatemala. They are the only country that let's you visit during the adoption process and they will even let you foster your own baby in Antigua Guatemala. Most families get to bring their babies home between four to nine months of age. Guatemala bound!!!!!!
MY NANA I love and Miss you everyday

Found this beautiful picture of Jesus holding a little girl that could be my Kya Blu...So Sweet

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